Meet Gabriel Callaway: Owner Of San Diego’s GCLA Landscape Design

Our community business organization is filled with disciplines from web design to law, products and services, and beautifying our homes from the inside out. Today, we are talking with one of those owners. Gabriel Callaway, the owner of GCLA Landscape Design, is a 2022 Premier Sponsor of our organization, and the work his team does is sure to turn heads. Learn more about this Talmadge resident and his business in this interview. 

1 |  Thank you for chatting with us, Gabriel. Could you please tell us about yourself, your business, and why you decided to join KTBA? 

My name is Gabriel Callaway. I am a third-generation San Diegan, who is proud to call Talmadge my home. My wife and I have two beautiful identical baby girls that we are looking forward to raising in this wonderful community. In our free time, we enjoy surfing, rock climbing, backpacking, gardening, and relaxing with family and friends. GCLA is a residential landscape design firm that strives to create the greatest quality design within the client’s budget. GCLA is a small, boutique family-owned firm that takes clients through the initial design process through construction. We joined KTBA because we love the community and want to engrain ourselves in this wonderful part of San Diego. 

2 | What is landscape design and when do you suggest someone looks into landscape design services? 

Landscape design is the development of the outdoor space into something that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and within budget. It is the implementation of ideas into beautiful realities. Landscape design is the creation of outdoor living spaces that capture the needs and desires of the client and maximize and enhance the natural beauty of San Diego. GCLA is interested in working with those looking to re-envision their outdoor space. 

3 | As Spring continues to make our yards come alive, what is your biggest tip for homeowners to help them maintain their landscape designs? 

Whether you hire a professional or maintain it yourself, gardens and landscapes require constant attention. Stay on top of your space. Just thirty minutes a week will do wonders for your landscape. 

4 | As our community searches for experts in landscape design, what sets you apart from other firms? 

GCLA, in recent years, has partnered with reputable landscape contractors and takes pride in walking the client through the initial design process all the way through construction. Every space is unique and deserves a unique design solution to capture all the clients’ wants and wishes – this is what we strive to do with every project. 

Living in San Diego, one thing’s for sure—the comfort and usability of our outdoor spaces are just as important as our indoor spaces. If you are looking for someone to create a custom space, Gabriel and his team are there for you. Contact them today.