Meet Megan Beauvais: Real Estate Agent And President Of KTBA

Megan Beauvais in front of a San Diego Home holding one of her Compass Real Estate Signs

The Kensington Talmadge Business Association has been built by leaders who step up and volunteer their time to serve. We are lucky to have Megan Beauvais not only as a valued member, but Board President, and Premier Sponsor of our organization. Today, we wanted to share an interview we recently had with her.

1 |  Thank you for chatting with us, Megan. Could you please tell us about yourself, your business, and why you decided to join KTBA? 

I grew up between San Diego and Northern CA my entire life. In fact, my first elementary school was John Adams over on 35th Street in Normal Heights, where I attended Kindergarten and 1st grade. I am a local Realtor® with my office located in the heart of Kensington. I serve the greater San Diego communities with an emphasis on Metro San Diego, and through default of the geographic region I have helped my clients in over the past 19 years, there is an emphasis on working with historic (or potentially historic) homes. I represent both buyers and sellers in all price ranges and phases of life, from first-timers to empty nesters, to investors.  

I came to join the KTBA by invitation from Susan Guillory, who was, at the time, on the Board.  After attending a few meetings (there were only about 6-10 members at the time), I was sure this group was for me.  I found it a great way to connect with fellow small business owners in an environment that felt very welcoming. I love connecting people within the communities I serve and supporting local businesses, so learning more about our fellow business neighbors was a real “win” in my book. A few years later, I found myself on the Board, now serving as President, and haven’t looked back.  Its been so great to see the group grow and evolve into what it is today. 

2 | The world of real estate is highly competitive. How do you differ from other agents in San Diego? 

A few things that set me apart from my fellow agents are: 

  1. My commitment to and investment in the communities I serve.  I am not simply asking for the business while giving nothing in return. I put my money, my time, and my effort where my mouth is by volunteering on committees and boards, donating funds, and organizing food drives to support local nonprofit and educational programs, as well as organizing events for our communities. This, in turn, directly impacts the experience of our local residents and supports the ever-improving quality of life of those communities.
  2. I am direct and authentic with my clients. I believe they see the difference with me as compared to many of my counterparts in that they KNOW that I will not “sell” them on anything, but I will give them honest advice based on experience, even when they don’t necessarily want to hear what I have to say. 
  3. I strive for excellence for my clients….from guiding them through the prep process in anticipation of selling their home, to getting them to the finish line with a purchase.  My goal is for my clients to feel like they are my only clients, and to know we left no stone unturned to get them the best results possible.
  4. And from the mouth of my clients….I am incredibly professional and responsive, but also a lot of fun to work with! You’ve got to have a sense of humor in my industry….speaking of which, come by my office to take a picture with our mascot, Kent (of Ken-Tal) for a laugh any day!

3 | As we continue working through this time of high prices and rising interest rates, what do you think is in store for the industry? 

I believe pricing will start to level off a bit this year. We have just started to see the beginning of that next phase in our ever-changing real estate cycle.  This is normal and should be anticipated. It doesn’t mean that a “bubble” is bursting, it’s just the market adjusting.  Values have increased at exponential rates these last couple of years and it’s not really sustainable. Buyers need to have a little bit more of a level playing field – but don’t worry, sellers…there is still plenty of equity left in your home to cash in on.  Luckily, although rates are rising, they are still pretty low in the grand scheme of the history of interest rates.  I believe we will start to see more sellers emerge, which will provide more opportunities for buyers. 

4 | What is one thing you wish everyone knew about Real Estate in San Diego or your firm in general? 

One thing I really wish people knew about my industry, in general, is that not all real estate agents are alike. A license does not a great advisor make. Experience, management and negotiation skills, relationships within our industry, an eye for design, and a firm, yet gentle way of communication all come into play.  Don’t just go with anyone simply because he or she has a real estate license. Learn about their experience before choosing the best agent to represent you in one of the most important investment decisions you will make. 

Regarding my firm, I am so proud to be a top-producing agent at COMPASS, the #1 real estate brokerage both in San Diego as well as nationally, based on sales volume.  If you need real estate help here in San Diego, I can help you. If you need real estate help anywhere in the US, I can connect you with a colleague of mine to ensure you are working with a top-notch Realtor® wherever you go.  

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