Meet Mike Jensen: Owner of Science Fitness

The world of health and fitness can be a confusing one to navigate. With fad diets, new workout trends, and “fitfluencers” at every corner of the internet, it can be hard to find a training studio to trust. Enter: Science Fitness. This personal fitness training center in Kensington has been around for 22 years, and its owner is passionate about continuing what they’ve always done—using science to help people reach their goals. Find out more from the owner, Mike Jensen, in our interview.

1 |  Thank you for chatting with us. Could you please tell us about yourself, your business, and why you decided to join KTBA?

As pioneers the personal fitness training business model, Science Fitness has been determined to raise the standards in an industry filled with unsafe, goofy and inconsistent practices.​

The Science Fitness business model is simple, to deliver personalized fitness programs based on proven scientific principles, designed and delivered by the most caring and qualified professionals in the industry. Our trainers (Kinesiologists) all have college degrees, national personal training certifications and individual specialties.

These principles have always formed the core of Science Fitness and continue to prove invaluable, increasing our success every day.

​Clients get personalized exercise solutions free of gimmicks and fads, focused on individual needs in a clean, private and professional environment. We’ve enhanced the lives of thousands of individuals in San Diego for over 22 years and we’re doing better now than ever. 

We’ve been members of the KTBA since its inception to engage, inspire, and develop local business relationships, enhancing professionalism in the community.

2 | What sets Science Fitness apart from other local gyms? 

We’re the undisputed most successful personal fitness center around because of our dedication to the individual needs of our clients. We’ve watched countless gyms come and go, but our highly educated staff of professional Kinesiologists have been chosen for their unique ability to form caring connections and long-term relationships with our clientele. From absolute beginners with injuries to advanced exercisers and competitors of all ages, Science Fitness clients get amazing results through the right balance of our instruction, inspiration, compassion and commitment. 

3 | For people who are interested in your services but maybe a little hesitant to try personal training, what is your best advice? 

The experience is transformative, magical and fun, you’ll love it and immediately feel mentally and physically amazing from your first workout. You’ll get healthier, happier and your body will move better than ever! We love sharing our passion and our personal, scientific approach works every time! 

Check out our 5-star reviews on Nextdoor, and the internet, which is even better:  Enter your email address for rates, information and communication so we can help you get started and stronger ASAP.

4 | What is one thing you wish everyone knew about Science Fitness in general? 

Our rates are extremely competitive so we can help the greatest amount of people even on the tightest of budgets. This is not an elitist service, it’s designed for you, neighbors, and normal people who want to live healthier happier lives. You do have enough time and everyone needs our service. Even two half-hour sessions per week can be life changing. We’ve proven our value and our greatest reward is seeing the life changing progress our clients make. We’d love to help you too, come and get fit, happy and healthy with us! 

We are so happy to have this incredible fitness institution in the heart of the Kensington-Talmadge neighborhoods. Reach out to Science Fitness today and begin to transform your health with the help of true fitness professionals.