February 2022 Mixer

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
5:30-7 p.m.
Virtual via Zoom

Our first mixer of the year was hosted by our KTBA Board, Megan Beauvais, Ponce Meza, Jana Devan, Angela Noble, Robin Taylor, Steve Semeraro, and Terry Gillis. Our team got together to share our plans for promoting your businesses in 2022 and ask for your feedback on how we could make this organization better for you.

In 2021 Our Organization

We started off by talking about all that we accomplished in 2021. With fewer events due to the COVID pandemic, we still broke records and are proud to report that our organization is growing every day. Here’s what happened:

  • Our organization grew by 10%!
  • Printed and mailed 6,000 directories to all Kensington and Talmadge residents
  • Sold out the Kensington Lights Bike Ride for the first time ever!
  • Reached over 13,000 Instagram accounts
  • Gained nearly 5,000 website visitors
  • Significantly increased our email list from 564 to 632

Plans For 2022

And while we broke many records last year, our goal is only to exceed these numbers as we continue our efforts this year.

You can find details for all of our planned events here, including the 4th Annual KTBA Spring Walkabout and the 8th Annual Holiday Lights Bike Ride. These events give our members exclusive opportunities to be featured in marketing materials and as business participants. Join our mailing list to get the scoop first.

What Else Does A KTBA Membership Include?

  • $80 worth of meals and drinks if you come to all 4 mixers—you come out $5 ahead with a $75/year membership!
  • Year-long sponsorship and marketing opportunities
  • Education and mentorship opportunities
  • Involvement in and exposure to the community
  • Opportunities to give back to our community

Know Someone Who Should Join?

 From Feb 16, 2022, through March 11, 2022, we are offering a $25 gift card to the KTBA member business of your choice when you refer a business owner to join. By joining now, you can become a part of our sponsorship opportunities for the Spring Walkabout and Bike Ride and make it to the final three mixers! Join now here.

Have any questions? We would love to hear from you! Reach out to info@kentalbiz.org with any questions, concerns, feedback, or ideas.